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How to design the perfect bedroom

Many times, when it comes to decorating our apartment or our house, we leave the bedroom for last (since it is something intimate that visits do not have to see, right?). However, creating a bedroom where you feel comfortable and at ease is as important as a living room can be. After all, the bedroom will be our "zen" corner of rest at the end of a hard working day.

If you also have doubts about how to create the perfect bedroom, then this post may help you clear up a few doubts. In 10 simple steps, you will go from a simple bedroom to a perfect bedroom.


1. A comfortable bed

When planning the decoration of our bedroom, we agree that the star piece will be the bed. It should be located in the center of the room, guaranteeing an easily accessible corridor on both sides of the bed (the minimum recommended distance between the bed and the wall must be at least 55cm). If your room is small and you cannot get this space, it may be better to consider placing it against one of the walls of the room.

Of course, before buying a bed we must make sure that both the mattress, the bed base, and the pillows are adequate for our needs. Generally, mattresses that are too soft tend to create long-term back pain, while a very hard mattress may not be very comfortable. If you are also demanding when choosing a mattress, perhaps memory foam mattresses are the most suitable for you.

Finally, if you need extra storage space, you can get a bed with a storage unit or leave enough space between the floor and the bed structure to be able to store boxes under.

2. A dream headboard

The headboard, along with the bed, is a fundamental piece in the bedroom. The headboard will set the style of the bedroom, and it can be made of wood, natural fibers, velvet ...

Unless you are not a person that likes to change, my recommendation is to buy a separate headboard from the rest of the bed. A good bed can cost us a lot of money and it is a pity that, after two years, we get tired of the color of the headboard or that its engravings on the wood are out of fashion. Decoration stores such as Maisons du Monde or La Redoute have many different headboard styles at affordable prices, allowing us to give a fresh air into our bedroom from time to time.

3. Practical bedside tables

The bedside tables can be independent or integrated into the headboard of the bed. Although in recent years integrated nightstands were styled (which is a good idea if you have little space in the bedroom), this year freestanding tables have become fashionable again and, if they are in wood with vintage style, better!

4. A bench at the foot of the bed

A bench at the foot of the bed, in addition to embellishing and elevating the decoration of our bedroom, is a very useful and practical addition. It can serve as a place to leave piles of clothes while we put them in the closet. Or it can be the place to sit when putting on or taking off our shoes.

I personally love the benches at the foot of the bed. They can be made of wood, fabric or fiber and, if you also choose one with storage space, even better!

5. Curtains that let in the light

There are times when we overlook putting curtains in the bedroom since many people use blinds. However, this is a mistake. The curtains not only give us more privacy and darken the bedroom at night, but they also provide a lot of personality and help to create more welcoming environments.

Choose curtains that are vaporous and allow light to pass through so that, in addition to achieving a more intimate space, the bedroom does not darken excessively during the day. Curtains in neutral tones and without motifs are the best choice, since they are much easier to combine with the bedding and cushions that we prefer at all times. My favourites are the linen curtains, but there are also chenille, velvet curtains... Finally when placing them, make sure that the bottom of the curtains reaches the floor to create a more chic effect.

6. Comfortable bedding

When choosing bedding, it is important that you choose textiles with generous volumes (larger than the bed). For beds between 140-160cm it is suitable to choose a duvet cover of at least 220 x 240cm.

Make sure the textiles are natural and palatable to the touch. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more on a set of linen or cotton sheets than to save money on cheap sheets that are generally less durable. While cotton is suitable both in summer and winter for its qualities (freshness, softness, moisture absorption ...), the use of linen sheets is more recommended in summer as they help to regulate naturally the temperature of the bed.

7. Storage space

To guarantee a tidy bedroom, it is essential that we plan in advance how much storage space we will need to store everything we have (clothes, shoes, sheets...). The ideal are large built-in wardrobes with hinged doors in larger bedrooms. If your bedroom is small, the best option is to have sliding closet doors. Otherwise, get a chest of drawers with generous drawers and use the marie kondo method to fold your clothes.

Do not forget that other small pieces of furniture that we have already mentioned (such as divan beds, night tables or the bench at the foot of the bed) can also solve the problem of space in small rooms.

8. Soft, warm artificial light

To have a good rest and prepare for sleep, the best are warm led bulbs (those that look yellow). Avoid placing white light bulbs (or blue light) in the bedroom, since biologically blue light helps us to wake up and not to relax. Having several points of light distributed throughout the bedroom also helps to create spaces for relaxation.

9. A warm carpet upon waking

There are several possibilities when we choose the rugs for the bedroom. There are XL sizes that cover the entire area under the bed and protrude on both sides and in front of the bed. These are perfect for framing and highlighting the bed. On the contrary, a more affordable option is smaller runner type rugs. In any case, choose a nice rug that gives you a good feeling when you get out of bed every morning.

10. A touch of green

Although there is much debate about it, let me tell you that no, sleeping with plants in the bedroom is not harmful to health, and that plants do not rob us of oxygen. Although it is true that plants consume oxygen to breathe, the amount they use is negligible compared to, for example, the amount of oxygen consumed by a person sleeping next to us. So if you are also a plant lover but until now you have not dared to take them to the bedroom, what are you waiting for?

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